6 ideas for curbing worker misclassification

From McClatchy DC — “There’s no single magic bullet that can eliminate misclassification of workers. But according to experts who spoke with McClatchy, much could be done to curtail it.

Here are six potential fixes:

1. THE FIX: Prohibit state and federal agencies from accepting certified payroll records from contractors who list workers on their payroll reports but fail to withhold taxes. If a worker is truly a self-employed independent contractor, he must file his own form…

2. THE FIX: Make the issue of misclassification everyone’s problem. Educate regulators on the rules governing employment and require them to watch out for the practice in trades. Require contractors to attend Department of Labor training in which they’re told about their legal responsibility to ensure subcontractors are properly classifying workers.

3. THE FIX: Create coalitions of contractors, such as a group did in Texas, to band together employers who refuse to misclassify and to do business with those who do….”

Read the full story at 6 ideas for curbing worker misclassification.

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