The 6 Types of Insurance That Freelancers Need to Know

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From Tech.Co, Adam Rowe discusses health insurance options for freelancers and independent contractors who cannot avail themselves of employer offered plans. Adam writes:

Due to the Affordable Care Act, all U.S. citizens need to have health insurance. If you don’t, the fee is $695, a number that plenty of freelancers can’t afford to throw around.

And, since freelancers can’t take advantage of employer-provided plans, they are the ones who need to know the most about their options. Here’s a quick rundown, using data gathered by CloudPeeps in their guide to freelancer insurance, of the main types of insurance that freelancers should know about and might be able use to stay happy, healthy, and fee-free.

1. The Freelancers Union Insurance Marketplace

The Freelancers Union offers a benefits program that allows members to find a variety of health insurance providers. The Union itself is not a provider, but if you get in during the open enrollment period—usually November to January—you’ll have a lot of options. It “offers individual health, dental, term life, liability, disability, and travel medical.”

Even if you miss the enrollment period, a specific event could let you hop in whenever: The specifics, from CloudPeeps, “life events include getting married, pregnant, losing your job with benefits, etc.”

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