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Affordable Care Act
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Worker Misclassification can Affect ACA Compliance

  From The ACA Times, Joanna Kim-Brunetti discusses how misclassifying workers as independent contractors can affect On December…

Gig Economy
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ACA Repeal Could Put Dent In The Number Of Gig Workers

  From JDSupra, Richard Meneghello discusses a recent article which suggests that if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is…

Obamacare repeal, amend replace
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Repealing Obamacare Will be a Disaster for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Who Rely on Them 

  From the NewsTimes, Micha Kaufman predicts that repealing Obamacare will have a negative effect on freelancers….

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Gig economy companies like Uber are helping the feds spread the word about Obamacare

  From Recode, Ina Fried reports that Gig economy companies are telling their gig workers about the…

ACA works
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How the ACA changed how freelancers and companies work

    From NetworkWorld, Mynul Khan describes how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rescued workers from job…

health insurance
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The 6 Types of Insurance That Freelancers Need to Know

  From Tech.Co, Adam Rowe discusses health insurance options for freelancers and independent contractors who cannot avail…

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The Many Pitfalls of Worker Misclassification

From JDSupra, Pat Anglin, Laura Becking, Mitchel Pahl, Michael Yang discuss the potential consequences of misclassifying workers as independent contractors under the…

employee benefit plan
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The misclassified worker and employee benefit plan considerations 

From Lexology, Michelle Capezza discusses the impact of misclassifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees may…

President Barack Obama
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From Obamacare to Uber, the Law Plays Catch-Up to the Freelance Economy

From Forbes, Charley Moore writes a guest post in Daniel Fisher‘s column discussing the recent Supreme Court…

President Barack Obama
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Why the Obamacare Decision Is Great for Uber

From Time, Jen Wieczner writes about the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA),…

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Worker Classification Impacts ACA Excise Tax

From JDSupra Business Advisor, Maura Corrigan of Cohen & Company offers a reminder that the Affordable Care Act (ACA)…

doctors and nurses
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Employee or Contractor? Health Care Law Raises Stakes

From the New York Times, Conrad De Aenlle writes about the increased scrutiny on the classification of…