7 Ways To Boost Your Credibility As A Freelancer

2. Gather testimonials

Close to a third of consumers trust a stranger’s opinion over a brand. Even if you’re a one-man show, you’re a brand in consumers’ eyes, so you can quickly build trust and credibility by gathering some testimonials.

Encourage your happy clients to leave both text and video testimonials after you complete a project. Send out emails at the completion of projects to solicit the testimonials. Then, add the testimonials to your website and social media channels.

3. Use social reviews

Ninety-two percent of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know above all else. Tap into this by connecting your testimonials and reviews to Facebook. Then, people who log into the site will see reviews from their friends and friends of friends. This makes it easy to build credibility quickly.

4. Start blogging

Your freelance blog provides you with a platform to establish yourself as an expert. You can write at length about topics that you know about, and you can provide advice. This isn’t just a public service. It’s an easy way to make yourself more credible to your audience.

People who visit your blog will realize that you know what you’re talking about, and that will make them more likely to hire you. Plus, you’ll enjoy all of the other benefits that come with a blog, such as moving up in the search engines and getting more traffic to your site.

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