7 Ways The Concept Of Freelancing Is Changing

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From Forbes, Larry Alton discusses ways in which freelancing is changing.  Some of the changes stem from changes in technology. Larry writes:

4. Personal brands are businesses

Thanks mostly to social media, personal branding has become akin to building a miniature business. Developing yourself by posting content, showing off your resume on a website, and making new connections with others has become a necessity for any professional—including freelancers, job hunters, and even many content full-timers. Personal brands are the key to generating more visibility as a freelancer, and because personal branding has such potential, freelancing is becoming more diversified and more approachable.

5. Freelancing is coming to more industries

Old styles of freelancing were once restrained only to certain industries, but in today’s world of digital communication and new office models, almost anyone can become a freelancer in any industry. The key is that you have some kind of niche expertise; as long as you have some kind of skill, ability, or wisdom that you can impart to a brand, there will be somebody willing to pay for it. People are finding new areas with the potential for freelance work all the time, and that trend of expansion is unlikely to die anytime soon.

6. Anyone can become a freelancer

It’s easy to build your own website and relatively straightforward to develop a personal brand, and there’s higher demand in all sectors that allow previously full-time-only workers to seek more independent contractor-style relationships with employers. Technology has enabled us to connect with more people, communicate in more efficient ways, and reach other individuals and organizations all around the world. Because of these new opportunities and capabilities, freelancing is an option for almost anyone, in any position.

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