8 Ways to Simplify How You Engage Independent Contractors

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MBO Partners provides great advice for engaging with independent workers:

1. Find an Experienced Organization to Partner With

Working with an established independent contractor engagement firm can help give you peace of mind when it comes to contractor compliance tests and misclassification risk. Firms like MBO Partners have years of experience and proven methodologies for evaluating and engaging independent talent for clients.

A streamlined process makes program implementation much less complicated both for enterprises and for contractors. What was once complicated and messy, is now automated and speedy.

2. Build a Consistent Process for Independent Talent Engagement

When independent professionals are accustomed to the process you have in place, they are going to be happier working with you. By maintaining repetition and consistency in your program, contractors will know what to expect when they work with you and come prepared and ready to start work.

3. Learn Laws and Regulations

Laws and regulations in the field of independent contractor engagement are changing and evolving as more businesses incorporate independent talent into their full-time workforce. Understanding how to navigate and follow rules and regulations is very important to remain compliant. Federal, state, and local laws can lack uniformity and often contradict one another, so it is important to know what applies specifically to your business.

If you’re unsure of how to handle the compliance piece, a firm that specializes in contractor engagement like MBO can help to properly assess your independent talent.

4. Keep Track of the Talent You Engage

Keeping track of your current independent talent will allow you to more easily use those same contractors in the future. Through re-engagement, you’ll be able to quickly negotiate services and see a more productive turnaround time.
Online marketplaces, for example, allow you to develop private talent pools to easily find, engage, and re-engage top independent talent. These programs help to reduce costs associated with time to fill, recruitment, and training.

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