A Decade In Review: Workplace Law In The 2010’s 

From JDSupra, Fisher Phillips provides a review of workplace law in the past decade including discussion of these topics:

  1. #MeToo Movement
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity Law
  3. Affirmative Action and Federal Contractor Compliance
  4. Labor Relations
  5. Wage and Hour
  6. Workplace Safety
  7. Joint Employment
  8. Immigration
  9. International Law
  10. Workplace Privacy
  11. California Law
  12. Employee Benefits
  13. Supreme Court

And with respect to independent contractor classification, Fisher Phillips discussed the recent developments in California.

The last decade saw California play a critical role in the national debate, and perhaps no one is better positioned to reflect on those developments than Ben Ebbink. Now a partner in the firm’s Sacramento office, Ben was Chief Consultant for the California State Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment for over 14 years, including most of the 2010s. In that role, he was the primary policy consultant for the state legislature on labor and employment matters, working to draft, develop, negotiate, and analyze all workplace legislation.

“Over the last decade,” Ebbink says, “California continued to lead the nation in pushing the envelope when it comes to labor and employment law and policy.” Reflecting on just some of the developments that started in California or its local jurisdictions in the 2010s and then spread across the nation, Ebbink cites issues such as sick leave, paid family leave, ban-the- box restrictions on the use of criminal history information in hiring, the use of salary history information, predictable scheduling, lactation accommodation, and LGTBQ workplace protections.

“And of course, California ended the decade with a bang,” Ebbink says. The last two years saw a wholesale rewriting of the rules around classifying workers as independent contractors or employees, first through the landmark Dynamex decision by the California Supreme Court, and most recently through the codification of the ABC Test through AB5. “We’re already seeing other states line up to follow California’s example when it comes to misclassification legislation,” Ebbink says, “so don’t be surprised if we see them proliferate across the country in the coming decade.”

Read the full story at A Decade In Review: Workplace Law In The 2010’s | Fisher Phillips – JDSupra

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