CA Uber Ruling Is A Worrying Sign For Sharing Economy Fans


From Forbes, Matthew Feeney discusses the implications of the recent California Labor Commissioner’s ruling that an Uber driver is an employee.  Matthew writes:

Earlier this month the California Labor Commissioner’s Office ruled that a former Uber driver is owed around $4,000 in expenses because she was, contrary to what Uber claimed, an employee rather than an independent contractor. The ruling could have potentially devastating implications for the rideshare company.

Uber claims that the ruling, which it is appealing, is non-binding and only relates to one driver. Regardless, many in Uber’s San Francisco headquarters will undoubtedly be concerned about what the ruling means for the future of the company. If Uber is eventually required to consider all California drivers employees it will drastically change its very popular business model, as it will have to offer drivers a range of benefits it currently does not provide.

Read the full story at CA Uber Ruling Is A Worrying Sign For Sharing Economy Fans.

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