Does Uber Have Employees?

two children

From BloombergView, Noah Feldman discusses the various arguments about whether Uber drivers are employees or independent contractors.  Noah suggests that ultimately, Uber drivers will be independent contractors because Uber provides a valuable service to citizens and Uber might stop providing this service if their drivers were considered employees.  Noah begins his discussion by asking his children what they thought. Noah writes:

Is an Uber driver an employee, as the California Labor Commission has ruled, or an independent contractor, as Uber maintains?

You don’t have to be a lawyer to have an opinion, and now that school’s out, I asked two associates who happened to be with me as I was reading the labor commissioner’s decision. The 8-year-old said that Uber isn’t supervising the driver, so Uber isn’t the employer. The 9-year-old said Uber can fire the driver if the driver’s rating gets too low, which sounded more like Uber was the boss.

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