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Ninth Circuit Decertifies Class of 160,000 Alleging Misclassification as Independent Contractors 

  From Lexology, Erin Norris Bass reports that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said that Uber…

Fair Labor Standards Act
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Supreme Court’s Decision Upholding Arbitration Agreements Extended to the FLSA 

  From Lexology, Cullen E. Jones and Robert T. Quakenboss discuss a recent court case in which the…

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And Yes, Epic Systems Applies to Independent Contractors, Too

  From Lexology, Gregory V. Mersol reports on a case in the Sixth Circuit which held that independent…

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FLSA Doesn’t Bar Arbitration: Sixth Circuit Holds after Epic

  From The National Law Review, Paul DeCamp discusses a recent case in the Six Circuit Court of Appeals…

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Arbitration Agreement Unenforceable in Any Language, California Court Rules 

  From Lexology, Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP provide an excellent discussion of a recent case in which a…

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Party That Drafted Arbitration Provision Moves To Have Provision Deemed Unenforceable. It Lost. 

  From Lexology, Peter J. Gallagher reports on a recent case in which a part that drafted an arbitration…
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An Epic Checklist: What to Consider When Adopting Class Action Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements 

  From Lexology, Christopher C. Murray offers a checklist for arbitration agreements in employment agreements. Here is part…

New York State
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New York State Court Declines To Compel Arbitration, Cites Purported Ambiguities In Mobile Contracting Process 

  From Mondaq,  Jeffrey D. Neuburger discusses a recent case in which a New York court refused to enforce…

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Is Arbitration Final and Binding?

  From Lexology, Jeanne Harrison discusses the finality of arbitration agreements under the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA). Jeanne…

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Two Courts of Appeals Reject Arbitration Agreements Post-Epic 

  From Lexology, Michael R. Phillips, Peyton N. Smith, Bruce M. Steen, discuss two cases in which courts rejected motions…

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The Eleventh Circuit Found No Waiver Of Right To Compel Arbitration Against Unnamed Class Members 

  From JDSupra, Jeanne Kohler discusses a case in which the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said that Wells…

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Arbitration Provisions With Class Action Waivers Are Enforceable…Now What? A Guide For Human Resources Professionals And In-House Counsel On The Practical Implications Of This “Epic” Decision

  From Mondaq, Ingrid A. Beattie and Jennifer R. Budof offer guidance following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold class action…