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Is It “Time’s Up” For Arbitrating Employment Matters In New York?

  From Lexology, Samantha Rosa, Nicolle L. Jacoby and Alan D. Berkowitz discuss recent changes in New York that may limit…

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Of Elephants and Mouseholes: Supreme Court Holds Employers Can Lawfully Require Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements 

  From Lexology, Erin Norris Bass discusses the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the validity of class action…

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California Court of Appeal invalidates employee arbitration clause on basis of exemption to Federal Arbitration Act

  From Lexology, Ruth Zadikany, Grant T. Miller, and Richard E. Nowak discuss a recent California case in…

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What’s Next for Employers After Epic Decision 

  From JDSupra, Jason Hungerford and Pablo Orozco offer their guidance  for employers after the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold class…

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SCOTUS Holds Class Action Waivers Do Not Violate the NLRA 

  From Lexology, Sara Hamilton & Ryan M. Bates discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the inclusion of class action…

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SCOTUS Upholds Use of Class Action Waivers In Arbitration Agreements 

  From Lexology, Paul. W. Cane, Jr., Kenneth W. Gage, and Keia Atkinson discuss the Supreme Court’s decision…

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What Do You Mean We Have to Mediate in Alaska? 

  From Lexology, Miles D. Jolley discusses the important choice of law clauses and forum clauses in contracts….

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You Can’t Be Compelled To Arbitrate In A Nonexistent Forum

From Lexology, Peter J. Gallagher discusses a recent case in which an arbitration agreement was not enforceable because…

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Client of a Staffing Firm is Entitled to the Benefits of Arbitration Clause

  From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein reports that an Illinois judge said that the client of a staffing company…

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Dissecting Common Basic Arbitration Clauses — You Can Build a Better One 

  Arbitration agreements are the single best defense against class action claims including class action claims alleging…

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Justices to Decide Whether Waiver Applies in Trucker Arbitration Case

  From Courthouse News Service, Dan McCue reports that the Supreme Court will consider whether an arbitration agreement…

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Five Easy Tips to Help Ensure Your Company’s Arbitration Agreement is Enforceable

  Arbitration agreements are the best defense against class action lawsuits alleging misclassification of workers as independent…