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Arbitration: California truck drivers compelled to arbitrate wage claims

From, Michael Futterman and Jaime Touchstone discuss a recent case in which truck drivers were required…

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In Battle Over Employment Compensation, Second Circuit Affirms District Court Decision To Deny Arbitration 

From JDSupra, Matthew Burrows reports on a recent case in which the Second Circuit denied a request…

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Arbitrator Decides if Misclassification Claim is Subject to Arbitration

In Zenelaj v. Handybook, 2015 WL 971320 (Case No. 14-cv-05449-TEH), the court said that whether a claim…

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California Court of Appeal Enforces Contractor’s Agreement to Arbitrate Misclassification Claims Out of State

From the National Law Review — “This case is important for two reasons:  (1) the court upheld…