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The Allegation Of Non-Arbitrable Private Attorney General Claims Does Not Prevent Arbitration Of Individual Claims Raised Simultaneously

From JDSupra, Benjamin Stearns discusses a recent case in which the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said that arbitration…

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New NLRB General Counsel Signals Major Shift Away From Obama-Era Board Policies

  From JDSupra, Mary Cate Gordon, Daniel V. Johns, Denise Keyser, and Brian D. Pedrow report that the new General Counsel, Peter…

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Supreme Court Appears Split on Class Action Waivers in Employee Arbitration Agreements

From JDSupra, Elisabeth Liner discusses the justices’ approach to class action waivers and the National Labor Relations…

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Court Presses Pause On Uber Misclassification Cases, Awaiting SCOTUS Ruling On Class Waivers 

  From JDSupra, Richard Meneghello discusses the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ pause on misclassification pending the Supreme Court’s…

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Eleventh Circuit Outlines the Key to an Individual Arbitration Agreement 

  From JDSupra,  Gretchen Jewell discusses a recent case in which the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld…

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Why the Supreme Court’s “Big” Case on Class Action Waivers May Have Little Impact on Some Companies Including Those Using Independent Contractors 

  From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses the Supreme Court’s taking a look at whether class action waivers in…

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NLRB About-Face Highlights Lack of Reasoning on the Class Action “Right” It Seeks to Assert

From JDSupra, David Baffa, Noah Finkel, and Andrew Scroggins discuss the NLRB’s position in the case before the Supreme Court….

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Will the Supreme Court Finally Remove Doubt That an Employer Can Mandate That Employees Enter into Arbitration Agreements with Class Waivers?

  From JDSupra, David Baffa and Noah Finkel discuss some of history of arbitration agreements and the Supreme Court’s…

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Supreme Court Set To Weigh In On Class Action Waivers

From JDSupra, Amy Wilkes discusses the Supreme Court’s consideration of the validity of class action waivers.  Amy writes:…

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Court Revives Dancers’ Claims Holding Arbitration Agreement Unenforceable 

From The Legal Intelligencer, Jeff Camolongo discusses a recent case in which the 3rd Circuit Court of…

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Supreme Court to Hear Oral Argument in October on Enforceability of Employment Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements 

  From JDSupra, Timothy Del Castillo and Joe Liburt discuss the pending oral arguments on the enforceability of arbitration agreements…

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Arbitrator Must Rule on Independent Contractor Status of Uber Drivers in Class-Action Notwithstanding NLRA Bar to Class Action Waivers 

  From Lexology, Patrick M. DePoy and Michael A. Warner, Jr. discuss an Illinois case in which the court said that…