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Freelance Growth

From iwork3 — See at online presence for freelancers  Related articles America’s Freelance Workforce Is Booming, And So…

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Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense for Small Businesses

From Business News Daily — Today’s hiring climate is going through a major shift, one in which…

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The New Independent Workforce

From Mavenlink  Posted on Pinterest by Eko Prabowo See at The New Independent Workforce | Related articles How…

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Preserve entrepreneurial spirit and protect independent contractors

From Central Maine — Small business owners, including myself, take the risk of starting a company because we believe…

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3 Things to Know About the Growth of a Freelance Nation

From TheStreet — A survey of freelancers indicates that social media did not lead to revenue.  “Social Media are…

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6 Secrets to Self-Employed Happiness

From — whether you work for yourself or someone else, you are in charge of your career….

myth or reality
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8 Myths About Freelancing You Need to Know Now

From LinkedIn —  “It must be said: freelancing has its perks. The option to take control of your career,…

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The Independent Contractor: Who We Are  

From It’s My Business — The independent contractor fills key positions in a number of important industries. We make…

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The Self-Employed Mindset

From Kenji Crosland’s Blog — all that you need to become self employed is to adopt the self-employed mindset….

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What The Rise Of The Freelance Economy Really Means For Businesses

From Forbes — Where Is The Labor Market Headed? As someone who has spent my entire career…

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3 Legal Precautions in Hiring Freelancers

From — From marketing to graphic design, entrepreneurs rely heavily on freelancers to fill many of their business…

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Should Freelancers Get Workers’ Comp Insurance?

From Businessweek —  Many states determine workers’ comp liability by applying an IRS test that determines whether someone working…