Quit Your Job, Start Your Business: 8 Smarter Ways to Make the Switch

From Forbes — “You’ve rehearsed your departure speech in your head 100 times, and dreamed of an amazing new boss—you . But there are some  practicalities you could consider before you cut off that magical stream of paychecks and free office coffee to leap into the risk and reward that is your own business.

Over the past nine years, I spent a lot of time sitting in corporate cubicles. There, I gained a deep knowledge of the energy and health-care industries, socked away some money, and met lifelong friends. Still, I dreamed about the freelance writing career I’d left behind 10 years ago. Then I lived in a cheap house in Seattle and the only obligation I had was to my beagly mutt, Lucy.

Now I’m a single mom to Grace, 3. I have a home and a rental property – the days of wine and popcorn for dinner are over. You know how people warn you kids are expensive before you have them? I’ve found this to be painfully true ($900 a month for preschool?! Gulp), which is why you want to mine every dollar you can before you embark on your own business. Here’s what I did when my freelance workload started to outweigh my day job, and what I’d advise anyone making the transition from office worker to entrepreneur—now, a year from now, or sometime down the road:…”

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