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The five red flags of wage non-compliance (Australia)

From JDSupra, Lauren Crossman and Chris Gardner offer their insights into red flags that might indicate non-compliance…

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Closing loopholes or creating a noose?

From JDSupra, Chris Gardner and Henry Skene discuss the Closing Loopholes Bill that was introduced in Australia….

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Australia: Contractor or employee: The contract reigns supreme

From Mondaq, Holding Redlich discusses a recent decision in which a written contract was the key factor…

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What you need to know if your business uses influencers to promote its brand 

From JDSupra, Toby Blyth, Robyn Chatwood, Paul O’Halloran, and Nicolas Cousins discuss the uses of influencers to promote a…

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‘Breakthrough moment’: Uber and Transport Workers’ Union strike agreement over gig workers’ rights

From SBS News, Tom Canetti reports that Uber and the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) have agreed to…

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Independent contractor or employee? The High Court of Australia in two landmark decisions says the answer is in the writing 

From Lexology, Rick Catanzariti and Talitha Maugueret discuss two recent cases in Australia in which the coiurt gave a…

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Countries around the world advancing benefits and protections for gig workers

From The Strait Times, Eileen Ng discusses changes to the gig economy model that are taking place…

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When a duck is not a duck: Differentiating contractors from employees

From Lexology, Michael Selinger and Jamie Kim discuss a recent case in which the High Court said that the…

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Uber drivers launch test case in Federal Court of Australia

From WAtoday, Anna Patty discusses a lawsuit in which  Uber drivers are trying to determine if they should…

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AU: Dismissed pregnant worker an employee not independent contractor

From Lexology, Wolters Kluwer Australia discusses a case in which the court said a worker as an…

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A Senate inquiry has called for ‘fundamental changes’ to the gig economy in Australia, with 15 recommendations it hopes will make platform work safer and fairer

From Business Insider Australia, David Adams discusses a report that call for fundamental changes to the Australian…