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The five red flags of wage non-compliance (Australia)

From JDSupra, Lauren Crossman and Chris Gardner offer their insights into red flags that might indicate non-compliance…

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Closing loopholes or creating a noose?

From JDSupra, Chris Gardner and Henry Skene discuss the Closing Loopholes Bill that was introduced in Australia….

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Ontario, Canada Appeal Court Finds Independent Contractors Have Duty to Mitigate Damages When Fixed-Term Contract is Terminated Early

From JDSupra, Rhonda Levy and George Vassos discuss a recent case in Ontario in which the court…

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Australia: Contractor or employee: The contract reigns supreme

From Mondaq, Holding Redlich discusses a recent decision in which a written contract was the key factor…

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Defining the Relationship: Independent Contractor or Employee?

From JDSupra, Madeleine Chauvet and de Lobe Lederman discusss a recent case in which the Alberta Court…

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whether dancers are employees after all?

From Lexology, Elsie Chan discusses whether dancers are employees are independent contractors. Elsie writes: More than half…

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French Court Finds Gig Platform Workers Are Independent Contractors, Not Employees

From JDSupra, Claire Dufils and Laura Jousselin discuss a recent case in France in which the court…

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Government of Bermuda Independent Contractor Guidance 2023 

Bermuda’s Minister of Economy and Labour Jason Howard presented the  Independent Contractor Guidance to Bermuda’s House of…

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What you need to know if your business uses influencers to promote its brand 

From JDSupra, Toby Blyth, Robyn Chatwood, Paul O’Halloran, and Nicolas Cousins discuss the uses of influencers to promote a…

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Court deems Uber drivers to be employees in landmark ruling

 RNZ (Radio New Zealand)  reports that New Zealand’s Employment Court said that four Uber drivers were employees…

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IR35 reform U-turn

From JDSupra, Peter Summerfield, David von Hagen, and Ellie Serridge report that the announced reforms to IR35…

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UK Independent Contractor Misclassification Issues

From JDSupra, Nick Elwell-Sutton provides an excellent overview of the complexity of the categorization of workers in…