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Same-Day Delivery Companies: 2; MA Independent Contractor Statute: 0. First Circuit Once Again Upholds Classification of Couriers as Independent Contractors 

    From JDSupra, Gauri Punjabi discusses the preemption of the Massachusetts independent contractor statute by the Federal Aviation…

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MA Attorney general’s office seeks help enforcing labor laws 

  From, Jessica Trufant reports that the head of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division…

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Shrewsbury Landscaping Company to Pay More than $31,000 to Resolve Overtime and Employee Misclassification Violations

    From the Shrewsbury Lantern, a report that a landscaping company misclassified workers as independent contractors…

Boston Globe March 10 2016
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The Mass. independent contractor law hurts workers and the economy

  From The Boston Globe, David Casey criticizes the Massachusetts independent contractor statute because it stifles innovation…

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2 steps back – First Circuit could have done more for the independent contractor business model

  From Lexology, Richard A. Plewacki and J. Allen Jones discuss the recent First Circuit case in which the…

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Massage Therapist Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Harvard

From the Harvard Crimson, Nathaniel J. Hiatt reports that a massage therapist filed a lawsuit alleging that she…

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Investigate the newspaper delivery industry 

Where have all the paperboys and papergirls gone?  They’ve been replaced by delivery companies that newspapers contract…

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MA Preemption defense may be short lived 

From Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Kris Olson discusses some of the cases following the case in which the court said…

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Signs of (American United) Life for Independent Contractor Status in Massachusetts 

From JDSupra, Patrick Bannon and Anne Bider of Seyfarth Shaw LLP discuss a recent Massachusetts case which found that an insurance agent who…

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Employee or independent contractor? The danger of misclassifying workers 

From, Justine Hofherr shares advice from Theresa Rilli, vice president at Atrium Staffing about classifying workers.  She…

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Taxi drivers have a legitimate beef — but it’s not with Uber

From the Boston Globe, the Editorial Board describes the problems with the regulation of the taxi business…

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Federal Judge Holds FAAAA Preempts a Critical Portion of the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law

From JDSupra, Shannon Berube, David Casey, Christopher Kaczmarek and Stephen Melnick discuss a recent Massachusetts decision in…