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Federal Judge Holds FAAAA Preempts a Critical Portion of the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law

From JDSupra, Shannon Berube, David Casey, Christopher Kaczmarek and Stephen Melnick discuss a recent Massachusetts decision in…

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Handy Worker Files Suit, Claims She Made Only $14 For 30 Hours Of Work

From Fast Company, Sarah Kessler reports that a woman who worked for Handy has claimed that she was…

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Non-Compete, Independent Contractor Issues Define State Approach to New Economy

From the aimblog, Christopher Geehem argues for a change to the Massachusetts independent contractor statute to make…

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Massachusetts High Court Rules Real Estate Agents Not Subject to State’s Stringent Independent Contractor Law

From Littler, Christopher B. Kaczmarek and Kevin E. Burke report a recent Massachusetts court case which said…

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These Taxi Drivers Are Not Employees Says Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

From JDSupra, Jessica Catlow from Mintz Levin discusses the recent Massachusetts case in which the court said…

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Massachusetts says Taxi Drivers are Independent Contractors

In a recent decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) said that taxi drivers were independent contractors…

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Call me a taxi! Were Massachusetts cab drivers employees?

From — David W. McBride discusses a recent case where a taxicab driver [Sagar] claimed that…

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Independent Contractors, Employers, and Unemployment Benefits in Massachusetts

From Go Local Worcester — The November 12, 2014 case of Subcontracting Concepts, Inc. v. Commissioner of…

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In Mass appeals court ruling, a truck courier is an employee not an independent contractor

From the Boston Business Journal – “The Massachusetts court of appeals has upheld a lower court ruling…

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FAAAA May Preempt Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law

From — “In its lawsuit, the MDA argued that converting drivers from independent contractors to employees…

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Can an Independent Contractor share your trade secrets?

  From the Oregon Business Report — “A recent case out of Massachusetts held that, as a matter of…

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In the sharing economy, are workers employees or independent contractors?

From The Boston Globe –“The worker of the future will be fast, flexible, and available the instant…