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taxi on street
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No workers comp benefits due taxi driver after being shot by passenger

From Business Insurance —  A three-judge panel of the North Carolina Court of Appeals [found]… that Mr….

Nathan S. Gibson -- what can I do
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Bosses Now Liable for Harassment by Independent Contractors

From the National Law Journal — Most recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit…

Nathan S. Gibson - construction worker
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Spurred by Media Coverage, North Carolina Lawmakers Zero In on Worker Misclassification

From the Construction Citizen — “As is happening in Texas and other states, lawmakers in North Carolina…

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Tax dodging through misclassification needs to stop

  From NC SPIN Balanced Debate for the Old North State — “Employee misclassification.” The term is…

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Are You An Employee Or Independent Contractor?

From Jackson & Lundell — Tests on how an employee is classified can be tricky. The central theme in…

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Contract to Cheat: Raleigh contractor left dozens of workers unpaid

From the — Unscrupulous employers make it hard for legitimate companies and independent contractors to operate.  In this…

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Our View: Misclassifying employees cheats everyone

From Editorial — If your employer announced that your hourly job was being converted to independent-contractor status…