Our View: Misclassifying employees cheats everyone

From fayobserver.com: Editorial —

If your employer announced that your hourly job was being converted to independent-contractor status so the company could avoid paying taxes, you’d feel cheated.

If you ran a business on the up-and-up and learned your competitor across town was using independent contractors to fill jobs that the law says are supposed to be for hourly wage earners, you’d feel cheated.

If you’re a taxpayer and you learned that companies in North Carolina were intentionally misclassifying workers to avoid half a billion dollars in taxes annually, you’d feel cheated.

Recent reports from the News & Observer and Charlotte Observer have demonstrated a pattern of exactly this sort of activity across the state. The practice is more pervasive in some industries, especially construction. We should all feel cheated…

Read the full editorial at Our View: Misclassifying employees cheats everyone

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