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Employer’s Signature May Not Be Essential to Enforceability of Arbitration Agreement 

From JDSupra, Arnoldo Rodriguez discusses a unique case in which an employer did not sign an arbitration agreement…

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Employee vs. Independent Contractor 

From Lawyer, Michael P. Maslanka discusses the ongoing struggle between protecting workers and allowing individual freedom…

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COVID-19: Self employed Texans get some relief benefits

From The American Genius, April Bingham discusses opportunities for independent contractors to obtain benefits through Disaster Unemployment…

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Texas Rule on “Gig Workers” Takes Effect

From Epstein Becker Green, Susan Gross Sholinsky, Greta Ravitsky, Kevin R. Vozzo, and Christopher R. Shur provide…

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Texas Workers Could Lose Employee Rights Under Proposed Rule For Gig-Economy Apps

From Houston Public Media, Elizabeth Trovall reports that, amidst a cloud of controversy,  the Texas Workforce Commission…

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In Today’s Gig Economy, Are You Classifying Dealer-Trade Drivers Correctly? 

  From Dealer Marketing,  Lariza Hebert and Stephen J. Roppolo discuss a case in Texas in which a driver…

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Are Your Independent Contractors Really Employees?

From JDSupra, Tressie McKeon discusses the classification of workers in Texas and the oversight provided by the Texas Workforce…

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New bill allows Uber, Lyft to self regulate |

  WFAA reports that new legislation in Texas that prevents cities from regulating Uber or Lyft and…

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6 Factors for Determining Whether a Worker Is an Independent Contractor

From Texas Lawyer, Jay M. Wallace, Lindsey L. Goldstein and Alana K. Ackels discuss 6 factors that…

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Texas Urged to Crack Down on Employers That Misclassify Workers

From Texas Exes, Julian Aguilar writes about efforts in Texas strengthen laws that prohibit the misclassification of…

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Texas House Panel finds that worker misclassification “compromises free markets” and promotes “lawlessness”

From Texas GOP Vote — this is a post that shares the findings the Texas House Business and Industry…

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Costs of an Employee Vs. Independent Contractor

From the Houston Chronicle — “Employee Costs In April 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that…