Deel Workers Say Their Contractor Status Means Fewer Rights Than Employees


From Business Insider, and  report that workers at Deel, a fast growing startup that helps companies hire workers in various countries, are classified as independent contractors. Jenna and Rob write:

workers at the $12 billion company said they have concerns Deel may have misclassified them and their colleagues as independent contractors.

At least half the company’s 2,000 workers around the world are employed as independent contractors. Even the CEO, Alex Bouaziz, is an independent contractor.

17 current and former workers that Insider spoke to were concerned the company may have misclassified contract workers’ employment status, in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and elsewhere around the world.

If true, it may have legal consequences for the company, and some workers worried they may be missing out on rights and benefits they would have had as traditional employees.

Many workers that Insider spoke to said there seems to be no noticeable difference in the responsibilities of independent contractors and employees. Independent contractors worked in everything from sales to management. Others said they had assigned managers, needed to request paid time off, and sometimes used company equipment. Workers in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong said they didn’t know they’d be classified as contractors until they received their offers.

Some Deel workers said they were happy with their status and had the flexibility to work for other companies as well, but many said the startup took so much of their time they couldn’t work for others even if they had wanted. Many contractors that Insider spoke to said they felt pressured to be routinely online during regular business hours to attend meetings and do work.

While most independent contractors work on short-term tasked based projects, contracts reviewed by Insider showed independent contractors at Deel work for multiple years at a time.

Source: Deel Workers Say Their Contractor Status Means Fewer Rights Than Employees

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