Dishonest contractors cheat their workers

From the The Bellingham Herald — “Fortunately, Washington is one of the states aggressively chasing the cheaters. Olympian reporter Melissa Santos found that in 2013 state Labor & Industries caught 14 percent of the nearly 4,000 employers it audited misclassifying workers.

Although the state recovered the $12.7 million in unpaid workers’ compensation premiums, it sent only three to criminal prosecutors. And L&I is convinced it isn’t catching everyone.

To do better, state enforcement officers now cross-check government databases. If a worker who is classified as an independent contractor isn’t filing business tax forms, something illegal may be occurring.

The federal government and other states could take a lesson from Washington state. And we could prosecute more offenders. It’s good to recover owed revenue, but blatant and repeated criminal activity should be punished…”

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