Earn by Time Mode

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DoorDash announces a Earn buy Time option for drivers to be paid an hourly rate while delivering. Some cities, including New York, have considered or implemented a minimum wage for gig workers. DoorDash’s initiative seems to be in response to those requirments. DoorDasher Support provides the details. 

Earn by Time Mode


We are offering a new way for Dashers to earn on DoorDash to provide them with more reliability. In select cities in the US and Canada, Dashers will now have the option to earn a guaranteed hourly rate while delivering (from when you accept an order until it’s complete) plus 100% of any customer tips and applicable promotions on top.

How This Works: 

  1. Choose the Earn by Time option when starting your dash. You can see the guaranteed hourly rate for your dash in your app before you start.
  2. Dash and complete your deliveries. You can decline or unassign up to one offer every hour. If you decline or unassign more, your Earn by Time dash will automatically end but you’ll still be able to shift to Earn per Offer mode to continue dashing.
  3. Get paid a guaranteed hourly rate while delivering. Earnings are based on the total delivery time (from accepting to completing the order). You’ll keep any applicable promotions and 100% of your tips on top of that, though tips may be less frequent when you choose to earn by time. The rate is calculated so you can earn reliably and build in time to dash to meet your financial goals.

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