EEZZDriver — accounting software for the rideshare business

eezzdriverI recently learned about EEZZDriver — an accounting software that is designed specifically for drivers in the rideshare business.  A brainchild of Wendy and Riley Moore, they developed this software to be a simpler and more succinct than many off-the-shelf software.  Riley writes:

we decided it was time to make an accounting program that just worked. We started drafting software designs and user interfaces that were so easy to understand that our entrepreneur friends who did not know the difference between a debit and credit could make sense of them. All of the decisions we’ve made are built around one idea: allowing small business owners to get over accounting.

As our product roadmap continued to grow, we realized another problem with current accounting packages, they’re built to be one size fits all. No two businesses are the same, so building an accounting package that everyone should adhere to made no sense to us. We decided to focus on one industry and build a tax and accounting tool that was tailored for just those people, so we’re starting with the rideshare industry. We especially like this ecosystem because it’s disruptive, lacks a lot of infrastructure and its participants have little experience with accounting and taxes.

After we made this decision, we stripped our software down to the absolute bare bones and then worked up from there. Every feature is tailor built for rideshare partners. Because we only focus on one industry, EEZZDriver is extremely automated. Other accounting and tax packages cannot achieve the intuitiveness and automation that we have because they must consider all the ways lots of businesses act in many different industries. When there is a breadth of operations this big, it’s practically impossible to build in automation because the complexity of IRS code and human behavior. By focusing on one industry, we reduced the complexity of the entire project and set the stage to build for just one type of user. This is our secret sauce, by focusing on one industry at a time we can serve that industry better than anyone else. The output of this effort is accounting that just work, simple yet disruptive.

What is most spectacular about our software is its automated and intuitive operations. It is a completely novel approach and a delight for users. Specifically, EEZZDriver directly connects with your bank accounts, collects, itemizes and logs transactions eliminating the need for data entry and reconciliation. EEZZDriver will constantly keep your financial statements, analytical reports and taxable income calculations up-to-date. Running on your smartphone, tablet or desktop, rideshare professionals can enjoy the most automated and  intuitive accounting and tax tool ever developed across any platform.

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