Employee Or Independent Contractor? Bigger Than Immigration

(photo credit rickpilot_2000)

From Forbes — Robert W. Wood writes —

As we face immigration reform, tax reform and many other big issues, it is easy to ignore an elephant in the room. For several years, government officials have warned they are cracking down. With the IRS, Labor Department and state governments cooperating like never before, the pressure to pay up is upon us. Add the pressure of aggressive start-ups like Uber and other new economy applications and you have Silicon Valley’s branding dilemma.

They stretch the branding and worker classification boundaries with thousands of “non-employees.” Add it all up and you have a perfect storm. Make no mistake, there is money at stake like never before. The worker status issue can come up almost anywhere, and not just from the government. Workers who sign contracts as independent contractors can still sue claiming they are employees. Third parties injured by an ‘independent contractor’ can sue saying he or she was really an employee so the employer is liable….”

Read the full story at Employee Or Independent Contractor? Bigger Than Immigration.

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