Exotic dancer wins lawsuit against Nebraska club 

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The Sun Herald published an article from the Associated Press reporting that another exotic dancer was misclassified as an independent contractor.  The article states:

But the judge [Judge Susan Strong] ruled that that argument is flawed because the tips she received were paid by the customers, while Shakers paid her nothing.

“To the contrary, plaintiff paid defendants to ‘lease’ space to perform,” Strong said, referring to the flat fee Mays was required to pay to use the stage and dressing room.

Mays’ attorney, Kathleen Neary, said that the dancer was technically an employee under state law because of the 50 or more “house rules” beyond the lease that she was required to comply with.

“The rules controlled the dancers’ movement, their dress, their dancing … and their attendance at mandatory meetings,” Strong wrote.

The judge also wrote that Shakers depends upon dancers like Mays to bring in customers for profit, “thus the dancers are an integral part of defendants’ business.”

Neary said the ruling has the potential to impact the rights of many workers who have been mischaracterized as independent contractors.

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Source: Exotic dancer wins lawsuit against Nebraska club | The Sun Herald

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