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This post was written by a guest who requested anonymity.  

Freelance writing is my passion and companion of days and nights. There was a time when this word (freelancing) was unknown for me, now this is the time when it has become my familiarity among my family, friends and intent community. This is my full time business now. How I became familiar with this, its benefits as well as challenges, and guidelines for freelancers, all these things will be discussed in this article.

How I Became Familiar with Freelance Writing

After the completion of graduation from a government university, search for job was started. This was a time when life was free from academic projects and ready for professional tasks. One of the best friends invited this wandering graduate for some help in academic writing who was involved in freelance writing. He was an expert man in the use of computer and internet who gave a brief introduction about his tasks, duties and earnings from freelancing profession. It was really interesting for a person whose pocket and belly was searching for money and food. An interest was shown from this unemployed graduate for academic writing. The first project was assigned, during the searching process on internet, it was exposed that freelance writing is a vast field.

The writing profession had become the necessary part of this freelancer’s life. From dawn to late nights, work, work and work was spread. Once this freelancer’s teacher showed her anger for academic writing, it was really a thinking point. Time had been passed and a new turn came into this freelance writer’s life when a business was started in computer market. Due to market visits, sales issues and purchasing involvements in this new business of computer accessories, freelancing became the story of past. Life was totally changed.

The second entry as a freelance writer was put after three to four years later when this freelancer got some spare time during office hours. Now, the field was little changed (It was due to that teacher’s advise). Content writing (web content, article writing and blogging) was started. The new field was felt too much interesting and fantastic. It is easy, vast and good for earning. Working from home and office is really appealing. Some essential benefits of freelance writing are given below as an experience sharing.

Benefits of Freelancing

Freelance writing is vast and knowledgeable with a lot of financial profits like;

Knowledgeable: Due to variety of new topics, wide range of latest issues and different demographical clients, it is knowledgeable and informative.

It sharpens your writing skills: Freelance writing makes you polish your writing, thinking skills. It is an analytical field of study which makes you ready for every type of writing projects and tasks.

Popularity: A writer’s writing masterpieces, articles, blog posts and reviews publish on different platforms like websites, online newspapers, e-shopping stores and famous forums, that make the writer famous and important.

Full and Part Time Source of Income: Freelance writing is the best source of income. Anyone can earn handsome amount from this profession. If a writer finds an SEO group, company and foreign client then his/her financial problems can be solved easily.

Challenges of Freelance Writing

After six to seven years experience in freelance writing field, it came to know that some risks are available for freelancers which should be keep in mind. Some are given below;

Payment Issue: The biggest faced problem as a freelancer was advanced payment. On internet, if you are not working through a proper channel or website then now one trusts upon you. It is risky for you to work without advanced payments. To solve this issue Escrow, PayPal and Alipay system for safe payment are available which have little transaction cost.

Meeting Deadlines: Meeting the deadlines is core part of freelance writing. Due to tough schedule or high flow of work, it seems difficult to meet the deadlines. It is a big challenge in freelance writing. Not only for a freelancer but also for employer who gives you a work, it is fixing.

Revision and Rejection of Projects: Sometimes, it was seen that due to lack of information or other issues, projects have deficiency. Then revision or rejection takes place. It is really a serious issue in freelance writing. Projects reject many times and your work remains useless according to financial terms. Writer should read carefully all the given instructions, if feel deficiency then contact the employer.

Guidelines for Freelancers

After passing many years in freelance writing field, some guidelines are given here for new comers and learners. These can be helpful for their freelancing career.

Work through Proper Channels: If you want to learn and earn, must join the famous websites and groups on internet for freelance writing projects. Some famous websites and groups are like Freelancers, O-Desk, Fiverr and Social Media Groups can be joined. You find a lot of national and international clients here.

No Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a big issue in freelance writing. Build your trust through creative and fresh writing. You can get help from internet but always write in your own words.

Make Safe your Payment: Always make safe your payments. Advanced payment is important. It is satisfying for a good productivity. PayPal, Escrow and Alipay can be used for first and second time transactions. As you get trust upon your clients then make direct dealings with them. Don’t sign long term contracts for payment and salary, just use project based or weekly payment schedule.


As a freelancer, the writer shared some personal experiences in this work piece. Freelancing proved a best source of income, knowledge and experience in his life. It has become a famous and big industry in the world. Internet made this profession more accessible and easy for writers, businessmen and companies. Within short time, big issues, tasks and projects are solved via freelancing. Some guidelines for new writers have been given. Through the use of these guidelines; anyone can become a successful freelancer.

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