Five takeaways from Warren’s sweeping labor proposal

From The Hill, Rebecca Klar summarizes Elizabeth Warren’s proposals for labor law changes including ending misclassification of workers, Rebecca writes:

Ending worker ‘misclassification’ in gig economy fields

Warren’s plan pushes for a bill that would stop what she calls the “misclassification” of independent contractors. The issue affects the rideshare industry, led by Uber and Lyft, but touches on other jobs in the gig economy.

By classifying a worker as an independent contractor, companies can avoid providing many of the same worker protections required for full- and part-time employees, keeping costs lower for employers.

The proposal from Warren calls for enacting a federal law similar to the California one that was signed into law last month and supported by Warren.

In addition to her proposed federal law, Warren said she would make “worker misclassification” a violation of labor statutes.

Read the full story at Five takeaways from Warren’s sweeping labor proposal | TheHill

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