FreshBooks – Freelancing 101: The 7 Legal Documents All Freelancers Need

contract photoFrom Freshbooks, Freshbooks provides a great list of 7 documents that all freelancer and independent contractors need.  The list includes business license, registration, bylaws, invoices, non-disclosure agreements and, of course,

“Document #7 – Independent contractor agreement

Finally, if you find yourself in the position of working with independent contractors, consider putting a legally-binding agreement in place that captures the details of your arrangement in a central location. Much like your project contract, your independent contractor agreement should describe the nature of your work, how much money will be changing hands and what your expectations are in terms of deadlines, final ownership and more….”

Read the full story at Freelancing 101: The 7 Legal Documents All Freelancers Need.

2019 update. See a free option from FreshBooks at The Best Way To Invoice

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