How to Get Client Referrals 

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MBO Partners offers great advice for getting client referrals. The first steps are:

1. Demonstrate Your Value First

Impress a client with your talent, skills, and professionalism before asking for a recommendation. Some independent consultants and small business owners ask for referrals shortly after landing a new client. Unfortunately, this method can often come across as pushy or presumptuous—personality traits that don’t make for a good first impression. Your client will feel much more comfortable recommending your work once they have concrete, positive feedback they can share with their contacts.

2. Ask For a Favor at the Right Time

When it comes to relationship management, timing is key. Asking for a favor at an inappropriate moment, such as when you hand the client a bill, can lower the chances of them following through with your request. If a client comments on how well the project is going and how pleased they are with the results, this could be the perfect opportunity to thank them for the compliment, and mention that any recommendations would be appreciated. On the other hand, if you’ve fallen behind on a deadline or hit a snag in the project, wait to ask for a referral until you’ve resolved the problem.

3. Offer Appealing Incentives

If your consultancy provides a product or service that is likely to create repeat customers, offering incentives in exchange for putting in a good word can be an excellent motivator. Incentives could include a discount or credit for each successful referral a client sends your way. Expanding your network is typically well worth the cost of discounting services for a repeat client.

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