In the Future, Employees Won’t Exist

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From TechCrunch, Tad Milbourn discusses the changing economy in which it is easier for companies and individuals to be independent contractors who perform specific tasks or projects.  Tad writes:

“Technology platforms make it easier for contractors to get customers or work from around the globe. Health coverage can be acquired. Communities and tools exist to help contractors get the most out of their finances. That’s why it’s projected that over 40 percent of the workforce will consist of contractors just five years from now.

Individuals are looking at their job options and choosing contractor work—essentially starting their own businesses. For these people, it’s not so much about “taking the leap” anymore. It’s about taking the next step.

For businesses, the changes are just as significant. Ultimately, businesses will consist of owners, talent assemblers, and contract workers for everything else. Platforms will spring up that know what contractors have certain skills, what they’ve done, and whether they’re available. Contractors will get instantly matched with talent assemblers. Entire teams could be hired with the click of a button.

The implications are profound. This shift will cause discomfort and dislocation as all shifts do. But, in the long-term, as the support scaffolding for both businesses and workers is put in place, a more dynamic economy will emerge….”

Read the full story at In the Future, Employees Won’t Exist

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