San Francisco forms gig economy task force

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Staffing Industry Analysts report that San Francisco has created a task force to provide policy recommendations to the city.

San Francisco created a “Gig Taskforce” to interface with workers in the gig workforce and other thought leaders to provide administrative and policy recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and the mayor.

“The ‘Gig Economy’ is a growing part of our workforce in San Francisco, and I believe we need to get in front of the issue and understand all of the implications for our City,” said Supervisor Mark Farrell. “Long gone are the days of working for a single company for 40 years before retiring — our workforce is more nimble than ever before, and our policies should reflect this changing reality.”

An economic report on the gig economy and workforce in San Francisco released by Farrell on Tuesday indicates the use of online platforms and the gig economy is growing rapidly in the city. Data in Farrell’s report suggests that approximately 5% of San Francisco residents generate some source of income from the gig economy. For example, Lyft reported a 450% growth in the number of San Francisco residents applying to drive for the company between the end of 2013 and June 2016.

Source: San Francisco forms gig economy task force

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