These Startups Are Turning “Gig” Jobs Into Good Jobs

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From Next City, Courtney Hutchison shares stories of growing companies that chose to use employees instead of independent contractors.  These stories show the advantages of using employees to provide services in these markets.  Courtney writes:

“When you have a business based on people, relationships are incredibly valuable currency,” says Joe du Bey, CEO of Eden, which offers on-demand office support ranging from IT to cleaning and handyman services. “We wanted employees who were going to be excited to grow with us and build relationships with our clients.” Late last summer, Eden began offering employees W-2 status — an official employee designation that provides standard worker benefits and protections (including workers’ compensation, disability, minimum wage). They also provided employees with equity in the company, offered healthcare after three months of employment, and created career paths within the company for those wizards who would like to take on managerial roles and are working on providing retirement benefits.

“We want to become the gold standard in the on-demand space for providing worker benefits. We’re growing well in excess of 50 percent in revenue each month,” says du Bey, “and I believe that kind of growth is only possible because of the culture we built around investing in our employees.”

Read the full story at  These Startups Are Turning “Gig” Jobs Into Good Jobs – Next City

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