The 10 Industries With the Most Self-Employed Workers 

cornfieldFrom the Motley Fool, Matthew Frankel  shares the results of Pew Research on the industries that have a high percentage of self-employed workers.  The list includes:

  1. Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  2. Construction
  3. Professional and business services
  4. Other services
  5. Wholesale and retail trade
  6. Leisure and hospitality
  7. Financial activities
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Transportation and utilities
  10. Educational and health services

Personally, I was surprised that manufacturing was on the list.  One can expect the other categories — agriculture (farmers); construction (carpenters, plumbers); professional services (lawyers, accountants); retail trade (shop owners); hospitality (caterers), financial activities (brokers); but I always imagine that manufacturing requires a significant capital investment so I was surprised that manufacturing is an industry with a higher than average number of self-employed people.

Read the full story at The 10 Industries With the Most Self-Employed Workers

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