The Future Is Freelance 

old printing pressFrom Digital Book World, John Bond provides 5 reasons why the future in publishing is using freelancers.  He says that time, costs, and flexibility are among the factors that compel publishers to use freelancers.  John writes:

“The word “outsourcing” has a bad reputation. For many, it seems inexorably associated with cost cutting, or lack of ownership and accountability. Smart outsourcing, though, helps bring about effective change as and when you need it, and it empowers your internal team. The talent battle of the future is not just going to be about hiring. It’ll be about utilizing external services tactically, scaling up and down, engaging with the right skills as part of a project management process, being nimble, and acknowledging the need for different requirements at different times of the year….”

Read the full story at The Future Is Freelance 


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