Uber, TaskRabbit And Sharing Economy Giveth To Workers, But Also Taketh Away

man using smart phoneFrom Forbes, Erik Sherman shares stories and statistics about how some sharing-economy companies are good and not so good for some workers.  Erik writes:

“Some people apparently do well, like Brian Schrier, a 45-year-old handyman who reportedly earns between $6,000 and $7,000 per month through TaskRabbit. The promise of profitable independence has lured millions to do business through the likes of Uber Technologies and Lyft (car services), TaskRabbit and Gigwalk (odd jobs), DogVacay and Rover (pet sitting), Airbnb and HomeAway (vacation rentals), and many others.

Only, the reality for many falls far short of the hype and the great solution has significant complications. According to a combination of third-party reports, information from the Department of Labor, and interviews with service providers, money typically falls far short of the promoted lofty heights. And because matchmakers treat them as independent contractors, service providers are on the hook for tax withholding, financial risk from being hurt on the job, and liability coverage. Forget such worker protections as workers comp insurance, minimum wage payments, and overtime….”

Read the full story at  Uber, TaskRabbit And Sharing Economy Giveth To Workers, But Also Taketh Away

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