Uber and Union Agree to Form Drivers Guild in New York City

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From Bloomberg, Jing Cao reports that Uber and drivers in New York have agreed to form a guild to allow drivers to communicate with Uber better.  Jing writes:

Helping establish a guild is a savvy decision by Uber, said Arun Sundararajan, a professor at New York University’s business school who’s writing a book titled “The Sharing Economy.” “They’re nurturing their relationship with their drivers,” he said. “It seems like a smart move.”

Uber emphasized that the new organization could help the company better communicate with drivers. “Communication is important,” said David Plouffe, Uber’s chief adviser and a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama. “On price cuts, we haven’t always had the best forum to discuss and share data — how price cuts work, what we see afterward.”

The guild and Uber said they will work together to lobby for the company to reduce the taxes it pays in New York, bringing them more in line with those for taxis and private for-hire drivers. If successful, the company’s savings would be passed onto the guild and to drivers, Uber said. Under the agreement, the guild would set up a benefits fund that would provide drivers with paid time off, retirement savings accounts or other benefits.

Read the full story at  Uber and Union Agree to Form Drivers Guild in New York City – Bloomberg

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