Want To Go Independent? Join The 17.8 Million Independent Workers In The U.S. Today

woman working at computer with two screensFrom Forbes, Kathy Caprino discusses her path to freelancing, the growth of the independent workforce in the US and shares her conversation with Gene Zaino, CEO of MBO Partners.  She writes:

“When I was in the midst of my 18-year corporate career, corporate life was all I knew and all I focused on. While I saw other people in my life who were successful entrepreneurs and independent workers, somehow I thought I wouldn’t be capable of forging my own path successfully. I’d grown up with a father who was a loyal General Electric guy for 30 years (with seven patents and a long history of success), and that was my model for a rewarding career. The problem was, after I hit 40, the challenges I faced in my corporate life far outweighed the positives, and the trajectory I was on no longer fit my personal preferences, style and values.

After a brutal layoff in the days following 9/11, I decided that I no longer would allow myself to be at the whim of a corporate employer. I wanted more control and authority over my work and life. So I took the reins and began to steer my own course, first with independent work then launching my own small business. And I’ve never looked back.

Turns out millions of professionals in the U.S. have felt as I have and done something about it. Many have found that independent work and running their own businesses has many amazing benefits that can pave the way for more control, leadership, flexibility, reward and success…”

Read the full story at Want To Go Independent? Join The 17.8 Million Independent Workers In The U.S. Today

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