What Is ‘IC+’, Uber’s New Plan to Warp Labor Laws Nationwide?

From ViceEdward Ongweso Jr discusses Uber’s plan to support “independent contractor plus” or “IC+” as a model for allowing drivers to be classified as independent contractors with additional benefits. Edward writes:

It has only been two weeks since Proposition 22 won in California, but app-based gig companies have already provided them with new talking points and a roadmap forward, as they seek to nationalize the ballot measure that preserved the misclassification of delivery and ride-hail drivers as independent contractors.

Uber, for example, already has a new title it’s going to start pushing called “IC+,” which stands for “independent contractor plus.” On Uber’s earnings call earlier this month, chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi was confident that “the IC+ model” is “going to win.” It’s a new name for the third category worker that the company spent months before Election Day advocating for, has spent years advocating for, and intends to take nationwide.

On August 10, Khosrowshahi wrote a New York Times op-ed titled “I Am the C.E.O. of Uber. Gig workers Deserve Better” that pre-figured this effort. “Uber is ready, right now, to pay more to give drivers new benefits and protections,” Khosrowshahi wrote, even as his company was spending tens of millions of dollars to minimize the scope of benefits and protections owed to drivers. Khosrowshahi asked for regulators to preserve misclassification while asking for reforms that would institutionalize it; states should mandate the industry create benefit funds for Uber to contribute to instead of suing Uber for using misclassification to shirk unemployment insurance taxes and wage claims.

On the same day, Uber released “Working Together” an 18 page document mapping out “a new model” for platform workers. This document towed the same line as Khosrowshahi’s op-ed, albeit with more action items.

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