Work Market First Freelance Management System to Offer Healthcare to Independent Professional Network 

nursesMarketWatch reports that Work Market is offering affordable healthcare to its network of independent professionals through a partnership with Stride Health.  The announcement states:

Work Market users can now more easily find appropriate, affordable coverage typically reserved for full-time employees through Stride Health’s personalized approach to managing health insurance, healthcare and compliance.

“For millions of Americans working in today’s new economy, finding affordable healthcare without the support of an employer can be challenging,” said Stephen DeWitt, CEO of Work Market. “Our partnership with Stride Health enables us to connect our growing network of independent talent with healthcare options that best meet the needs of them and their families.”

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requiring all individuals to procure health coverage by January 31, 2016 or be subjected to government fines, the pressure for freelance workers to find affordable coverage has never been greater. By partnering with Stride Health, Work Market helps its growing network of freelance workers overcome this challenge and ensure they have access to the care they need to protect their health.

Through the partnership with Stride, Work Market users can now get health insurance through over 200 insurance carriers, and Stride’s recommendation platform compares 38 factors across thousands of health plans to find which plan will save a freelancer the most money.

Each health plan includes free preventative care, such as flu shots, screenings, yearly check-ups and more. In addition, Stride Health will alert users if they qualify for government discounts, helping them maximize their healthcare savings, and Stride provides users with access to year-round support through its in-house health insurance experts.

“Affordable healthcare shouldn’t be reserved for those with access to employer-provided plans,” said Noah Lang, CEO of Stride Health. “Our goal is to help all workers understand the healthcare options available to them, and make the right decisions to protect their health — and their wallets. We are thrilled to partner with Work Market and provide its extensive user base with easy access to the healthcare solutions they need.”

Source: Work Market First Freelance Management System to Offer Healthcare to Independent Professional Network 

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