Is Workers’ Compensation Required For Independent Contractors?

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From Insure Your,  discusses some of the insurance issues surrounding engaging with independent contractors and offers advice on how to protect a business.  Dan writes:

How To Protect Your Business

Some employers protect themselves on this issue in a few different ways ways:

  • They buy the insurance, even if those in charge don’t think they have any employees. A general liability policy combined with the workers’ comp policy will protect both employees and independent contractors. Being prepared before an accident is safe.
  • They require their contractors to have their own workers’ compensation insurance. Make your contractors provide a Certificate of Insurance. Mark the date down on your calendar their policy expires. Request a new Certificate before that date. You should also request their general liability coverage listing on the Certificate. In addition, you should be listed on the Certificate as an additional insured.
  • Provide your independent contractors workers’ compensation Certificate to your own workers’ compensation company. The company will then have no reason to consider the contractors as your employees and charge you an additional premium.

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