Wouldn’t you rather be self-employed? 

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From Examiner.com, Eric Bank discusses reasons why he thinks being self-employed is better than being an employee.  Eric writes:

Naturally, it’s a matter of personal taste and opinion as to the type of employment that suits you best. I’ll reveal by prejudices by giving you a 10 reasons to consider calling your own shots:

  • 1. Control: When you are your own boss, you control how the work is done. You might have to satisfy clients as to what has to be accomplished, but it’s usually up to you to decide how to accomplish it.
    2. Money: I’ve seen studies in which freelancers earn almost half again as much as what traditional employees earn. We’re talking after-tax income, because the tax laws give small business owners and freelancers substantial breaks not available to employees.
    3. Expenses: If you work at home, think of the money you save on wardrobe, transportation, child care, dining out, and the tranquilizers you’d need to maintain your sanity negotiating the daily traffic jams. By the way, home office expenses are deductible.
    4. Variety: If you get tired of the same old same old, freelancing is just the ticket. You can build up a client list that allows you to divide your time among many interesting gigs throughout the year.
    5. Politics: If you’ve worked as an employee, have you ever noticed that 90 percent of the time your boss is a jerk, and many of your workmates are annoying? Just sayin’.
    6. Control Part 2: When you work for yourself, you can take a sick day, mental health day, vacation or sabbatical, as long as you can afford it. The point is, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission.
    7. Equipment: Buy the computers and other equipment you need based on your own judgement, not that of some penny-pincher at corporate headquarters. Oh yeah, its deductible.
    8. Schedule: Night owls rejoice. You can work all night long if you like. Or work a few hours, go play a round of golf or take a snooze, and the pick it up again later. Your time is your own.
    9. Self-Esteem: As an employee, your boss may not recognize all the hard work you do. Some bosses are trained to only point out negatives, to keep employees humble (and underpaid). When you’re self-employed, you are the most valuable individual in your company.
    10. Choice: Choose customers you like, who can provide you with interesting work, and who won’t screw you over.

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