Year in Review: Major Worker Misclassification Litigations in 2021

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From GreenLight, reviews some of the top misclassification litigation in 2021. Alex writes:

Court Approves $8.5 Million Settlement for Juicers in Misclassification Case Against Lime

On July 13th, final approval was given by a San Francisco Superior Court Judge to a $8.5 million settlement in a case regarding Lime misclassifying “Juicers”, people who charge Lime scooters, as independent contractors.

In the words of RBGG’s Grunfeld, this settlement “sends a great message to workers that they shouldn’t settle for these one-sided independent contractor agreements that are in fact employment arrangements that reduce their compensation to below minimum wage, in many instances.”

Holland Acquisition Inc Pays $42.3 Million in Misclassification Case

In October of 2021, after an investigation, the United States Department of Labor announced that Holland Acquisition Inc. will pay $42.3 million dollars in back wages and damages to 700 workers who were misclassified by them from August 2012 to April 2019. The company failed to fully compensate these employees for overtime hours worked plus did not keep accurate records about how much they worked during that time.

Notably, this is not a California litigation. It was the US Department of Labor that dealt with this case.

DoorDash Agrees to a $100 Million Settlement

DoorDash, Inc. is paying $100 million to settle a number of class action lawsuits for misclassifying delivery drivers as independent contractors. The final approval hearing for the DoorDash Drivers Settlement will take place on November 30, 2021, according to the settlement agreement.

Top Class Actions writes: “DoorDash has agreed to a $100 million settlement benefiting drivers who delivered through the DoorDash app in California and Massachusetts who claim they were improperly classified as contractors.”

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