6 Questions Enterprises Must Answer to Attract Top Independent Talent 

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From MBO Partners, John Piazza discusses how companies can attract top independent talent.  John addresses six questions, including:

I Know What I am Looking for, But Who am I Looking For?

A number of considerations must be made when attempting to lure in the best talent. What kind of talent is needed to get the work done? Is an employee better suited for the tasks at hand, or will the independent contractor market have the better skillset and approach? Further:

Do I Want Someone Who Wants to be an Employee or Someone Who Wants to be a Project Worker?

Members of the American workforce choose to go independent, or strive to be employees of a company, for many, many different reasons. It is best to compare these approaches before determining the most suitable type of position for which you wish to find the best candidate.

It is fair to assume there are many overlapping wants from independent contractors and employees: the opportunity to do important work and have an impact, see room for professional growth/new opportunities, and fair pay for work performed as a result of well-done work….these are basic human working needs.

What Does the Ideal Candidate Want from Me, Their Client?

Many independents choose their clients based on the offerings of these potential business partners. There are different work arrangement scenarios, standards, and cultures that may be more attractive to some than others.

For example, is working for Google the same as being a contractor for PwC? What would attract someone to be employed by Google? Contracting for PwC? Why would someone want to be a management consultant as Booz Allen Hamilton? Take time to consider what your company “brings to the table” for an independent consultant if they were to begin working on your project.

What Company Does The Ideal Candidate Keep?

When taking a look at the independent contractor talent marketplace, the phrase “reputation is the company you keep” rings true. For example, if your company seeks to recruit a certain independent consultant candidate, and one such candidate has worked for a top tier consulting company, and/or has been associated with MBO Partners, the prestige associated with these names and programs instills a sense of trust.

New FMS technology, including MBO Connect™, has helped make finding those associations easy. Further, MBO Connect™ was created (and continues to grow) with the independent contract in mind. The ease of use and accessibility, along with shaping the needs of the hiring teams, has been put at the developmental forefront to best engage independent contractor talent.

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