7 Documents Every Independent Contractor Should Keep

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From Shoeboxed.com offers advice for independent contrctors and freelancers on documents they should keep including insurance certificates.  Years ago, a law professor said that lawyers should have malpractice insurance to protect their clients; he said that no lawyer expects to make a mistake, but if they do, at least their client would be protected if the lawyer carried the appropriate malpractice insurance. Independent contractors should heed this advice and protect their clients also.  Claudia includes insurance certificates in the list of things independent contractors should keep.  Claudia writes:

Professional Licenses and Insurance Certificates (Forever, or until expiration)
Many jobs require contractors to be professionally certified in a given field of work in order to complete a client project. Though the regulations vary state-by-state and city-by-city, having these documents on hand and ready to present to a potential employer streamlines the hiring process, increases the probability of getting hired for the job, and may even increase your potential pay. Clients want to know they are legally protected and are hiring the right person for the job — it pays off to gain their trust from the get-go. (Source).

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