Uber is providing drivers a chance to save for retirement 

Uber driver


From Business Insider, Bruce Brown reports that Uber is making a retirement saving account (RSA) available to its drivers.  Bruce writes:

Uber is providing its drivers a new convenience, not to be confused with an employee benefit. The ridesharing giant holds firm to its stance that its drivers are independent contractors and not employees, a position drivers are fighting in court. Against that backdrop, however, Uber just announced a retirement savings account (RSA) program for its drivers, according to Silicon Beat.

In a post on the Uber blog, the company explains its partnership with Betterment for the driver RSAs. Uber describes Betterment as “the largest independent robo-advisor.” The new plan is available now to Uber drivers in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and the state of New Jersey. Uber intends to extend the plan nationwide.

“With Uber, you can push a button and get work,” reads the blog post. “And now, drivers can use the same innovative app that gives them complete control over their time and schedule to have the opportunity to take control of their financial future as well.”

It’s worthy of note that the phrase “complete control over their time and schedule” is one of the litmus tests for deciding whether someone is an employee or a contractor.

Read the full story at  Uber is providing drivers a chance to save for retirement – Business Insider

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