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Pizza Delivery With Employment Law Toppings

From Corporate Counsel – In the case, even though the defendant required drivers to incorporate and delineated their relationships…

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Realtors — Independent Contractor Status Frequently Asked Questions

From — “Worker classification laws at the federal and state levels as well as state real estate license…

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How to Prevent Independent Contractor Misclassification

From Employers Resource — Ask Yourself Some Honest Questions to Prevent Independent Contractor Misclassification However, the IRS does provide…

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Brokers and agents, beware! Misclassifying employees as independent contractors has potential to bankrupt your business

From Inman News – Protect yourself and your business Here is a partial list of areas where you may…

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Employee or Independent Contractor – That is the Question

From Ask Tim — Whose insurance company covers a loss depends on whether the worker was an employee or…

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States Clamping Down on Workers Mislabeled as Contractors

From Bloomberg –  When construction slowed during the recession, some companies hired workers and wrongly designated them as…

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Employee or Independent Contractor Cheat Sheet on Classification (Infographic)

From —   Read the full story at Employee or Contractor? Here’s a Cheat Sheet on Classification. (Infographic) Related…

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Crackdown leaves firms wary of freelancers

From Business Insurance — Most often, however, companies make innocent mistakes when trying to interpret labor laws — often…

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See No Harassment, Hear No Harassment? Not Anymore: The Fourth Circuit Holds Employer Liable for Third-Party Harassment

From Seyfarth Shaw — an employer may be liable for third-party, non-employees who create a hostile work environment…

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Why many truckers choose independence

From the Press-Telegram — Within three short years, I went from working for others to owning and…

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Understand all of the tests related to independent contractor compliance

  From ICon Professional Services’ Blog — Many businesses rely on independent contractors for specific tasks. The main…

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Rehired Employee v. Independent Contractor

From Bloomberg BNA — “Rehired Employee v. Independent Contractor Thus far, this article has assumed that an…