What Clinton And Trump Would Do For Gig Economy Workers

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From Forbes, Nancy Collamer shares what presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have said about the gig economy.  Nancy writes:

What Clinton and Trump Have Said

Hillary Clinton has forcefully spoken out against employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors. Last July, she said: “I will crack down on bosses who exploit employees by misclassifying them as contractors or even stealing their wages.” And, she said, “this on demand or so-called gig economy is creating exciting opportunities and unleashing innovation, but it’s also raising hard questions about workplace protection and what a good job will look like in the future.”

While not mentioning freelancers specifically, Clinton has other initiatives on her website that could prove beneficial to them, such as guaranteed paid family and medical leave benefits that would be funded by taxes, instead of by employers.

Donald Trump hasn’t offered any pronouncements on gig economy workers or protections for them specifically, though in a video on his website, he declares, “I will be the greatest jobs producing president that God ever created!”

He has, however, proposed lowering the corporate tax rate to 15% for all businesses, which would in most cases, apply to — and benefit — independent contractors.

Under the Trump tax plan, while a worker earning more than $50,000 as an employee would be taxed at either 20 or 25%, that same person would owe a 15% tax rate as an independent contractor.

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