Clinton V’s Trump – on the future of the gig economy 



CXC Global provides a summary of the major party candidates statements and views on the gig economy.  It states:

Democrat Nominee, Hillary Clinton

  • Clinton has praised the on-demand economy for “creating exciting economies and unleashing innovation”
  • Clinton has been very vocal against the classifications of independent contractors by businesses to avoid statutory obligations and cut costs
  • Clinton has shown concern for “what a good job will look like in the future”
  • Clinton promises to “crack down on bosses who exploit employees by misclassifying them as contractors or even stealing their wages”
  • Clinton promises to revise labor and worker right to better suit the new era of work
  • Clinton promises to create incentives and provide tax relief for small businesses and entrepreneurs including independent contractors

Republican Nominee, Donald Trump

  • Trump has labelled himself as the “greatest job producer” of all time
  • Trump has failed to address the issue of independent contractor misclassification
  • Trump’s focus is on America’s manufacturing industry and slashing offshoring of US jobs
  • Trump promises to reduce competition for US based gig workers by slashing offshoring
  • Trump promises to eliminate “wasteful rules and regulations” he believes are “destroying “job creation capability”
  • Trump’s tax plan promises to cut the corporate tax rate to 15%, which will apply to independent contractors


Read the full story at Clinton V’s Trump – on the future of the gig economy | CXC Global

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